Who said: “We will take Kyiv in three days” !?

The phrase “возьмем Киев за три дня” ( = We’ll take Kyiv in three days !) has become something of a catchphrase on the Russian web. Also internationally.

Not really catching.

Who said that in the first place?

It is said to have come from the Russian military (one rumor says that Putin uttered it in a private conversation with the Chinese leader Xi), to be repeated by several Russian propagandists at an early stage.

Among others, Olga Skabeyeva said “two days”., according to the clip above (with english subtitles)

The Belarusian leader, Lukashenko, spoke of “three, four days” according to the same clip

Vladimir Solovyev, who is also seen in the clip, once said firmly: “We will take Kyiv!” and looked like he meant three days.

Or did it originally come from Hitler at the time of “Operation Barbarossa”, as this Russian blogger alludes to?

(His caricature from the 40s with english translation:)

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