…   the last questions that were asked by an AP journalist, during the press-conference after the summit the 16th of July, 2018 with the US president, Donald Trump, and the RF president, Vladimir Putin, in Helsinki .

Words that are now discussed in wide circles .. did you catch it ? Social media and tweets contains a lot of caricatures. Are caricatures needed ?


  • (english, swedish and russian subtitles added – did I catch it ? )

 Oliver Stone’s 4-hour interview with Putin,  sent / released around three weeks ago, is dealt with in different ways on the web. Surely, criticism have been heard . Mikhail Khodorkovsky‘s bulletin “Otkrytaya Rossiya” (= “Open Russia”) contents a critical response on 25/6.

I bring some of that article here, as far as to the mentioning of  an interesting observation:

 A cynic in the Kremlin

“Otkrytaya Rossiya” about why it’s not worth it that Putin is proud over Oliver Stone’s film about himself.

Just the fact that Vladimir Putin has entered the row of  “Stone Heroes” – a definite milestone in his biography – can hardly please Putin himself, says “Otkrytaya Rossiya” – journalist,  Stanislav Kuwaldin.


Oliver och Vladimir

Putin and Oliver Stone

In his documentary interview films, Oliver Stone has left some of the technical details from the recordings in the movies. So it was in the movie “The Commander”, dedicated to Fidel Castro, and according to the same principle he is working also in the film about Yasser Arafat – “Persona non grata”. The film “Interview with Putin” is no exception.

While talking with the Russian president, either in the dacha in Novo-Ogarevo or in the Kremlin Palace painted halls, or in the Sochi residence, Stone does not only picture Putin, but he also leave space for different workstations – a microphone on a long stick, camera movements, co-workers  trying not to end up in the camera , and other episodes from the recording process.

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In conjunction with the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg between 1 and 3 June, Fox journalist Megyn Kelly participated in a plenary session including, among others, the Prime Minister of India, the Chancellor of Austria, Presidents of Moldova and Russia, and 5,000 other participants. She was quite a moderator – I really enjoyed her bold and straightforward way of asking questions to the host of that meeting – Vladimir Putin. And Putin responded, plainly annoyed, yet in a strange way, patiently.

I read a stenogram from that Friday afternoon the 2nd of June, watching a video recording (and blogging) a bit. I have seldom witnessed such a true encounter between Russians and Americans as it became – in front of such an audience.

– –

M. Kelly also made a special TV interview with Putin (see below ) , which for some reason has been published in more unprocessed form on Russian RT, but in more processed (and shorter) form – with pictures, illustrative elements and comments – on Kelly’s own TV show, Channel NBC (again – see below – Putin in translation sounds harder than the original) – The program was broadcasted on Sunday evening 4/6.

Here, she might have been slightly enchanted by Putin, for which she has been severely criticized by American TV reviewers. But the same questions are asked, and some or a few more (and some fewer, that’s true). And basically the same answers were given.

No, from today that blog platform, who, according to it’s own data have 25 million users, is formed under the Russian laws.

How serious is this? It can be as serious as a Russian blogger – Podosokorsky – writes in the title of his post – LiveJournal has finally come under FSB control. Now waits a purge of disloyal bloggers

.. ?

I take the beginning of his post:

As is known, LiveJournal’s servers moved to Russia in December 2016. Anton Nosik then declared clearly, what practical consequences this would mean for regular users:


Международная конференция TechCrunch Moscow 2011

Anton Nosik 

“The idea to pull LiveJournal servers over to Russia, so that they are ‘closer to the users’, is not new – it was brought first by my friend Andrew Paulson, already in October 2006, when the Russian company SUP concluded a contract with the platform owners about supporting the Cyrillic segment. Then it only took five minutes to explain to my naive American friend the legal implications, and what this would mean for blog writers, commentators and readers of LiveJournal.

So that the platform would remain where it was , on the US west coast, where it had been over ten previous years.

In the period since then, Russia has managed to jail not fewer than a thousand people (!) for blog posts, replies, ‘likes’, shares, retweets and cross-posting over the social networks. But not one of these charges was based on the data of the users that the Russian authorities could get  from the Administration for LiveJournal Inc. in the State of California. In my own case (Nosik have been prosecuted recently because of a blog article on Syria, which I probably would not agree with. However, .. – blog editor/Subsequent) there is a correspondence between the plaintiffs and the same administration, where the latter politely declines to surrender information about my person, because there was no legal basis to pull them out because of the incoming request.

Now, however, there will no longer be any ground to reject such requests.

Since LiveJournal is now physically accommodated in the Russian Federation, and all the confidential information of the service’s users in real time are available for the Russian security service, according to what the Russian laws require … “


I  also have a LiveJournal blog that I write in Russian, which I cannot manage , if I don’t agree with the new user terms, I was told this morning. 

I think I wait a little with that approval *) .



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*)  At least for 24 hours