“A sea of ideas” – but no ideology!

Are the former Soviet states somehow betrayed?

In connection with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the former Soviet Republic of Ukraine renounced its nuclear weapons. Russia and all former Soviet republics – including Ukraine – renounced their marxist ideology, to embrace the freedom offered by the West. But the West has possibly failed to define freedom in a convincing way. What is freedom? To be able to conduct pride marches!?

Jonah and the whale

Yesterday, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov gathered new employees at his ministry, and gave a speech to them, in which he sort of reaches for the old Soviet ambition to get “proletarians of all countries” to unite. And the Belarusian president Lukashenko held a conversation with the philosopher Alexander Dugin, where he stated just that, that there is a lack of an ideology

Lavrov, according to Radio Svoboda:

He said in his speech that it would be pointless for Russia to maintain the diplomatic presence in Western countries that it had been until now. He said that the conditions under which the Russian diplomats work in the West “can hardly be called human”. He also announced that there is not much for Russian diplomats in the West to do, as Europe strives to reduce cooperation with Russia to a minimum.

Lavrov also said that Russia’s foreign policy attention should be switched to countries in the so-called “third world”: Asia, Africa, Latin America. “Africa possesses colossal quantities of natural resources that are not yet fully exploited. The vast majority of countries in Latin America continue not only to maintain relations with us, but are interested in deepening them,” he underlined.

According to Lavrov, cultivating new contacts “at the expense of attention to the frenetic and furious West” would represent an opportunity to show that Russia is not in international isolation.

The minister touched on the topic of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He said: “What is happening in the world now, President Putin carefully described in his speeches, including his speech during the ceremony of signing the agreement with the four new subjects of the Russian Federation – it is a real relapse into colonial thinking, an effort to subject everything and everyone to their will, and prove that “I have hegemony (I mean our American colleagues) I will live by the principle that what I want, I will take”.

Lavrov also told about the “coup d’état in Ukraine, which took place under Nazi slogans and with SS insignia”, and accused the United States of having prepared this coup d’état.

Sergei Lavrov did not specify which specific aspects of Russian diplomatic presence in Western countries he intends to cut, if it concerns consular assistance for Russian citizens living abroad.

Lukashenko, according to Lenta:

Lukashenko complained that neither Russia nor Belarus has any ideology

President Lukashenko complained that neither Belarus nor Russia has any state ideology. He spoke about this in a meeting with the philosopher Alexander Dugin, according to “Belta”

“And it’s true, you spoke at some point about state ideology, about ideology in general. And about the fact that we don’t have it. In Russia, it’s lacking even more. That’s also true,” said Lukashenko,

He said he had been offered “a sea of ​​ideas” but had rejected them all. The proposals presented did not suit, according to the president “either the souls of people or their hearts”

Moreover, Lukashenko said, they had previously studied Marxist-Leninist philosophy. “Now time has passed, and it turns out that we really haven’t devised anything better. – But Marxism-Leninism is bad! they say. It may be that it is bad. But we haven’t come up with anything better. It was a whole system of views. We don’t have that today,” said the head of state.

The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko thus had a meeting with the Russian philosopher and political expert Alexander Dugin. Their conversation lasted more than two hours.

Sure, Lavrov sounds rather pathetic when he talks about support for Russia from entire continents, and tries to gloss over the foreign policy isolation that Russia has actually ended up in. Or what does 143 no votes to Russia’s annexation of Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhzhya and Kherson in the UN: s general assembly speak about ? 143 states out of 173 voted for the resolution rejecting the annexation.

And Lukashenko, if possible, sounds even more pathetic when he speaks for the need for ideology, simultaneously silencing and imprisoning those who both think and would also like to speak in today’s Belarus.

What can be done? We have to look for the old “Sign of Jonah” – Luke 11:29

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