Obama held a little unusual “State of the Union” speech  the other day, as he looked ahead, and challenged Americans not to fear the future. Putin, giving an interview to the German magazine “Bild“, prefers to look backwards and talk about “what mistakes the West has made over the past twenty-five years.” It is, according […]

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How much of a “pro-Russian” was Vladimir?

Presidents Putin and Poroshenko “discussed” Grand Prince Vladimir’s role in history – in their respective absences – when two historical  dates was commemorated: one thousand years since Prince Vladimir’s death in 1015,  and the anniversary of Rus’ Christianization 987/88. Thus it has recently (15/7) passed a thousand years since the Great Prince of Kievan Rus, Vladimir […]

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“Soldiers mothers of S:t Peterburg” quickly became “foreign agent”.

The russian ministry of justice have entered the rights-activist organization “Soldiers mothers of S:t Petersburg” in a register over non-commercial organizations which are judged to be “foreign agents”. RIA-Novosti announce about it with links to the ministry. “ the register -…- have been entered reports about the fund ‘Institute for the development of free information’ […]

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Facebook win – and lose ?

Facebook earning was “beating expectations” – congratulation Mr. Zuckerberg ! /BBC, Time  But isn’t  it a big question if Facebook and other IT-companies will not lose the russian public while sanctions are applied by the western powers, against Russia? Not long ago representatives for both Twitter and Facebook – Twitter first  –  visited Moscow to speak with […]

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