Iliya ..

During the Gothenburg Book Fair last week was organized a discussion on the topic “Russia – empire without borders“. When questioned about the Russian diaspora, or “russian-speaking minorities”, in the world, and if they sort of  had become an instrument of the Kremlin’s propaganda, among other points of view we hear these replies first from […]

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Putin’s name abandon “proletarian” styled banners, and appear in Church reports ..?

Anyway – no slogans with Mr. Putin’s name mentioned occurs during the 1:st of May in Ekaterinburg – according to e1 : “… this year, there were no red banners with ‘Peace! Work! Putin!’ on, which was among the most prominent last year. “ Another indication that Mr. Putin is approaching orthodoxy? Which sometimes seems to […]

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Inconvenient witness?

(source: Meduza ) “Ilim”, a pro-Moscow separatist in Lugansk in eastern Ukraine, was never called as a witness in the trial against the Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko, which yesterday – 22/3 – was on the second day of the Reading of the verdict, the day when also the sentence – 22 years in prison – […]

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The highlight of formalism?

Commentators try to come to grips with how the planned Cuba meeting between two of Christendom’s more or less venerated patriarchs will fall out, when it takes place at the airport in Havana February 12. How will a 1000 years of sorrow and pain be treated in a private conversation no longer than two hours? […]

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Putin is laying blame on Lenin?

Putin – singled out by a British court as a “probable” orderer of the murder of Litvinenko, is now  engaging himself , among other things, in discussions about the role of Lenin in Russian history The same day that the British High Court had published its report on the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, Putin held talks […]

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