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Obama held a little unusual “State of the Union” speech  the other day, as he looked ahead, and challenged Americans not to fear the future.

Putin, giving an interview to the German magazine “Bild“, prefers to look backwards and talk about “what mistakes the West has made over the past twenty-five years.” It is, according to him, perhaps above all, that they did not take advantage of the opportunity, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, to really overcome the division in Europe. Russia has also made mistakes, he says, by not having, in sufficient time, announced about their national interests…


Now, twenty-five (26) years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, with diverse sanctions from the West together with a russian effort to as much as possible escape influences from the west, at least some western stars remain over the russian-speaking cultural sphere. The movie “Star Wars” is said to have  rather high visitor numbers in Russia, and the creator of the song “Starman” – David Bowie –  is, after his death, certainly not exalted the way he is in western media, but a crowd of Bowie fans are said to have stood and sung his songs outside the British Consulate in St. Petersburg, while an awesome snow-storm whirled around their heads.

Let’s move forward in the new year 2016,  hoping that we may escape the great Jabba…

A “way out” is something  you may dream about. Not so few people have done so. One who did this was probably Bob Dylan, which is expressed through one of his songs.

The text is not hard to find on the web:

Joker&Thief sep

“..said the joker to the thief”

“..Businessmen, they drink my wine, plowmen dig my earth,
None of them along the line know what any of it is worth.”


Whatever thoughts that are behind these lines , I am first of all interested in one question: What did Dylan experience when he saw such fame and success in the 60 ‘ s ? Was it a feeling of being used for purposes that he couldn’t control ? Is this something that is expressed in the above quoted  “All along the Watchtower” ? (An early version, only sound, no pictures – here)

Later versions of this song, also performed by Dylan, which may be found on YouTube, sometimes give you a resigned impression. As if “the businessmen” took home the game. As if there is no idea to sing the song any longer…  (Listen: from 1994 – here, from 2014 – here)



Friday the 27t h of December was the day for a first official press-conference with Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyochina, two members of the punk-band which made a performance in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow in february 2012, and since have spent time in prison. Until last Monday..

Tolokno o Aljochina Dozchd

A lot was asked and said. Who could sum it up ? One can look here, and here also. And here.

Be careful

every morning

long before you wake


trillions of words

of concern and

of sorrows


was already brought

far and wide .


“It is true.

We have nothing to hide”


To describe the reality

of ours –