Fellowship of the Ring

This illustrates one of the final episodes in the last chapter of the first book of the famous trilogy ” The Lord of the Rings ” by J R R Tolkien.

 –  As a Christian reader I may reflect upon the temptation of Jesus by the devil in the Gospel of Matthew chap.  4:1 – 11. Wasn’t it what the devil wanted AND WHAT HE STILL WANTS, that Jesus should commit his whole mission in the world – to Satan ?  – 

It is when Boromir and Frodo was discussing , after having visited Lothlorien , and then had been traveling with the rest of the ” Fellowship of the Ring ” along the river  Anduin. – Still another bit of the uncertain road towards Mordor ! And they had just arrived to that resting place that became a crossroad – Parth Galen – where Frodo and Sam must leave the others and continue on their own , followed by noone but Gollum.

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Boromir was tempted to  “.. use the power of the enemy against the enemy himself ..,” and he wanted to take the Ring from Frodo . But Frodo puts on the ring and becomes invisible , and escapes from him.

 This scene have also  become movie –  an animated version made by – among others –  Ralph Bakhsi , the not least famous version made by Peter Jackson , and also a version made  by some Russian amateur filmmakers (here with english subtitles),
Excerpt from the Book, if someone wants to read the original text:

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For some reason I turned to one of the great book reading experiences of my childhood, the trilogy about “The fellowship of the Ring” by J.R.R. Tolkien. Probably I read it already in the 60’s.  Any way it was long before 1973 when I, together with a friend, visited London . We travelled by train through western Europe for a month, it was the so-called “Interrail”. In London I bought an english paperback-version of  “The Lord of the Ring” , and put it in my bookshelf as I returned home. But by then I had already read it twice in a swedish translation.

Now, almost 40 years later , I again couldn’t lay the book aside until it was read, this time the english paperback-version, which I had looked for, and also had found.

This book is some kind of a riddle – where do you find a book of such kind, that is so extremely entertaining, that when you have read and read and then look to  see, and find that there is  still a lot to read, it  only makes you happy! Yes, I know there are other opinions, but this is what I think.

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