Ukrainian bloggers to Russian bloggers: “Stop being silent!”

As the Putin regime seek to close down russian-speaking media as “Radio Echo Moscow“,”Dozhd” and others, the users of social media are not without responsibility (Facebook and Twitter were also shut down for Russian users yesterday). This is what some Ukrainian bloggers have reminded Russian bloggers about, according to Unian: Ukrainians urge Russian bloggers to […]

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Iliya ..

During the Gothenburg Book Fair last week was organized a discussion on the topic “Russia – empire without borders“. When questioned about the Russian diaspora, or “russian-speaking minorities”, in the world, and if they sort of  had become an instrument of the Kremlin’s propaganda, among other points of view we hear these replies first from […]

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Ape days

Wars and conflicts between “apes” and “men” are fought over the world in different places – Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Nigeria and other countries – somehow dependant on where and how your prejudices are established. The role of media, and social media, is not to be underestimated.   Le Plus,  

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