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Try to get any idea of what is happening in the eastern regions of Ukraine!
I’ve looked at a few headlines today. What information can you trust?
It is clear that there is a giant question how Ukraine will survive the winter without Russian gas .
Or if not the Communist Party, in fact, should be brought to a ” Nürnberg “tribunal.

But an article in ” Pravda Ukrainskaya ” was dedicated to a pastor – unknown to me before I read this –  who has gone in to rescue people from the fighting in Slovyansk, and after the city was taken over by the Ukrainian army a few days ago, to supply it with food:

The story of the shepherd who saved his flock – about Petr Dudnik that do not divide people into “us” and “them”, but consider everybody as “us”.
The main transit point for refugees is located in Izjum, a city in the Kharkiv region, just north of Slovyansk . Here, on “Church Road”, at a building over which a plate with the words “The Good News The Parish” is set, buses regularly  drive with people who have decided to leave their homes. “When the militia placed a machine gun right on my property, then I understood that it is time to leave” – said a woman that has come from Slovyansk. “- They asked us nothing. And we said nothing. If you say something, then they directly send you to dig ditches.” The retired Galina holding a Pekingese in a leash and cries loudly. Two of her sons have gone from Slovyansk to Russia, and left her alone. Now they are prepared to send the woman to Zaporozche. “I do not want to go anywhere”, – complains the old woman with tears – “There is my home … maybe I will go back there right away.”

DudnikPetr Dudnik, who is pastor of “The Good News” (with background among initiative-baptists – “initiativniki” ) in Slovyansk, and one of those who have formed the charity fund “Sail of Hope”, shrugs.
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