After viewing “Uppdrag granskning” (= Investigate Mission) – this evening’s broadcast on swedish television, which is already posted on Svt website:

 The question if the Palme assassination in reality was not a political murder, could better be taken into account from a certain point of view: What had happened if Palme had not been shot to death?

    In the mid-1980s: Major political changes were in progress.
    An example: How would Palme have come to terms with Gorbachev? Wasn’t there obvious prerequisites that the REVISIONIST ORIENTED Gorbachev and the REVISIONIST Palme – in the area of socialist thinking – could find a common, political language.

Palme o Gorby x

   What could it mean? Perhaps the Soviet Union didn’t have to dissolve.

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Below: some photos from the barricades at Åhléns last night, just before they were removed. And also the sequence of events from Friday 7/4, according to Swedish television update 2017 04 09 PM. 13:30    (my translation into english)                                                                

x On Friday a truck just before three o’clock in the afternoon drove into the people walking on Drottninggatan (Queen Street) in central Stockholm.

Åhlen's och avspäyrningar 2017 04 08 006x Four people are dead – one in the hospital and three at Queen Street. All are identified. One of them is a Belgian citizen, one of them is British.


x Ten people are still hospitalized. Four of them are seriously injured and six slightly. A child should be among the injured. The child is slightly damaged.

Åhlen's och avspäyrningar 2017 04 08 007

x A 39-year-old Uzbek man has been arrested on suspicion of terrorist offenses by murder. “Barely five” others remain in detention.
x police confirm that they found some form of “flammable” device in the truck’s driver compartment.

Åhlen's och avspäyrningar 2017 04 08 008

x Sweden strengthens border controls for travel in and out of the country.
x On Monday will be held a minute of silence at 12.00 says Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.
x Police say that “there is nothing concrete now in favor of further attacks”



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