Putin – singled out by a British court as a “probable” orderer of the murder of Litvinenko, is now  engaging himself , among other things, in discussions about the role of Lenin in Russian history


Vladimir Ilich Lenin

The same day that the British High Court had published its report on the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, Putin held talks with some members of the “Council for Science and Education of the President of the Russian Federation ” and discussed quite lively which educational institutions really should receive economic support from the State in the present situation .

One of those academics, head of Kurchatovsky Institute Mikhail Kovalchuk, recalled that prominent researchers have coped with scarce resources, and he – by quoting a poem by Pasternak –  first of all called for new ideas:

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From “Grani.ru 22/8 2012, written by Alexandr Podrabinek. That was the name of a jewish human right-activist who spent time in jail under Brezhnev in the 70’s for the reason that he was actively struggling against the soviet, political  psychiatry. I have a suspicion that it is the same person.                                                                                                                            –

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Alexandr Podrabinek in the 70’s – and nowadays


What did the foreigners know about Russia? Matryoschka, vodka and roaring bears on the roads? Later the perspective widened with Sputnik, Gagarin, ballets and perestroika. But it was all long ago.

From those times – only the nuclear bomb is left. But it is no unique russian phenomenon, and nobody marvels nowadays, having heard about it. But the leadership in Kreml , which is consumed by empty national vainglory and longing for the once ruined Soviet empire, do indeed desire – if not to threat the whole world – then after all to make some kind of impression upon it. But no! The grey forces in power does not allow anything colourful to bloom.

And suddenly – Pussy Riot! All the world speak about them, and the rubrics about the court against them goes on the front pages of the most famous newspapers and are mentioned first in news broadcasts on TV. World famous stars in showbiz and in Hollywood take a stand for them , musicians and singers, politicians and writers, mayors of world capitals and also parliamentarians. Finally Russia attracts a world-wide attention!  I suspect that president Putin in secrecy smile and is proud over our country, and that he attributes to himself the amazing success because of Pussy Riot’s PR-campaign. For the reason of such a PR-campaign he gladly would let all the women-ensembles in the country rot in jail together with all the women opera singers, not only the punk performers Tolokonnikova, Alyoschina and Samutsevitj.

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