Skywalker ?

“Star Wars” – as you may know, is a  film series whose ninth episode will premiere this winter, and which may soon be seen by multitudes in cinemas around the world. The title will  be “The Rise of Skywalker”. It can be transcribed as: “The Ascension of the One who Walks on the Sky”.    […]

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“Oh, no !” – said C-3PO

  For me it was a kind of relief to read about this Jedi self-critic in “Labyrinth of evil“, by James Luceno:     “..Anakin was suffering, and the only balm he (Obi-Wan) offered were Jedi platitudes..“   (p. 344)                                 […]

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Obama held a little unusual “State of the Union” speech  the other day, as he looked ahead, and challenged Americans not to fear the future. Putin, giving an interview to the German magazine “Bild“, prefers to look backwards and talk about “what mistakes the West has made over the past twenty-five years.” It is, according […]

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Can a “Darth Vader” fan change?

The tragic school shooting incidence in Trollhättan, Sweden,  draws attention worldwide. Both in English -, French – and Russian – (not to mention swedish -) language media, for example, is the conclusion with few difficulties drawn,  that the perpetrator had the inspiration from, among other sources, the “Star Wars”-figure Darth Vader. I must admit that […]

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Ape days

Wars and conflicts between “apes” and “men” are fought over the world in different places – Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Nigeria and other countries – somehow dependant on where and how your prejudices are established. The role of media, and social media, is not to be underestimated.   Le Plus,  

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