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This blog will be public for one more month. That is to say: No more post after 21 of May. But the blog will be visible still some time after that. Thank you so much for your attention ! P.S. I continue to write one or two posts on this Telegram channel:

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Ukrainian bloggers to Russian bloggers: “Stop being silent!”

As the Putin regime seek to close down russian-speaking media as “Radio Echo Moscow“,”Dozhd” and others, the users of social media are not without responsibility (Facebook and Twitter were also shut down for Russian users yesterday). This is what some Ukrainian bloggers have reminded Russian bloggers about, according to Unian: Ukrainians urge Russian bloggers to […]

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Will there be war ?

“The biggest war in Europe since 1945”, according to Boris Johnson. The question imho has to do with how fast everything went in the early 90s. There were solemn verbal assurances from Western leaders that NATO would not expand. But when everything ended up on paper, there were no such assurances, only recorded talks. This […]

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Fyodor Dostoevsky

(this post may be updated) The 200th anniversary of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s birthday is approaching (Nov 11.). I’ve just started going through one of his “Notes”.. “Iniquity” is a biblical concept, and Dostoevsky defined it quite well here: “Despite all conceivable points of view, everyone agrees that there are such crimes, which always and everywhere, according […]

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Twenty years ago in Afghanistan

September 11, 2001. That was twenty years ago. I used to read international news in the Stockholm City library’s newspaper room. There were among other things articles about some Christian missionaries in Afghanistan who had been arrested by the Talibans on suspicion of violating Sharia laws on proselytism. This was in August 2001. And I […]

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