From the Telegram account of Ilya Yashin

Ilya Yashin, a russian politician and human rights activist, in prison since a couple of months for “spreading fake information about the Russian army” have a Telegram account, where his latest message looks like below.

Vladimir Putin once called the collapse of the Soviet Union a geopolitical disaster. In fact, it was his accession to power that became a geopolitical disaster. And the longer it lasts, the more clear it becomes.

The biggest armed conflict in Europe since World War II is associated with Putin’s name. An enormous amount of human blood and a colossal migration crisis are on his conscience. Millions have been left homeless and become refugees. Putin has made mortal enemies of people who once called each other brothers.

It has been shown that the catastrophe which began on the 24th of February is of such magnitude that even the most obstinate fool cannot but shudder at the carnage; and try to come to terms with it. But Putin is not deterred. He is firmly convinced that he can checkmate the entire world with one decisive move, and knock out everyone else. It’s just that every new move he makes – the annexation of Crimea, the invasion of Ukraine, holding ‘referendums’ in Donbass – only leads to escalation, and makes everything worse.

In this context, the Russian president’s ‘determination’ has brought humanity close to a third world war. The planet has not been this close to a nuclear apocalypse since the Cuban Missile Crisis, when only a miracle saved the US and the USSR from mutual annihilation.

And the starting point for all this madness was the narrow-minded fear of a few people. I’m talking about the members of Boris Yeltsin’s family, who handed over power and the nuclear briefcase to a person who happened to appear, thereby receiving his guarantees of personal safety. The petty selfishness of ‘Tanya and Valya’ has now placed our country and the whole world on the brink of disaster.

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