Ukrainian bloggers to Russian bloggers: “Stop being silent!”

As the Putin regime seek to close down russian-speaking media as “Radio Echo Moscow“,”Dozhd” and others, the users of social media are not without responsibility (Facebook and Twitter were also shut down for Russian users yesterday). This is what some Ukrainian bloggers have reminded Russian bloggers about, according to Unian:

Ukrainians urge Russian bloggers to express their views and use their popularity for the cause of peace. Famous Ukrainian bloggers and influencers have turned to their colleagues from Russia with a request that they present to their audience the truth about the war that Russia has unleashed in Ukraine.

Among those who have united to make this joint appeal are Alexei Durnyev, Anton Ptushkin, Igor Pastochkin, Alexander Pedan, Nastya Gonsul, Dasja Astafjeva, Vladimir Dantes, Kolya Zyrjanov and other Ukrainian bloggers. Their audience includes many Russians among whose friends are bloggers with millions of readers.

Are we accusing you of silence? Yes, you are the power of your people and their voice. And you have now finally got a chance to change your lives for the better, and also the lives of those who make up your auditorium. Write stories about what is actually happening in Ukraine! Write posts about the veritable genocide that Putin has committed before everyone! Make statements! Tell us about the devastation that has begun in Ukraine and is approaching you. Your president is blowing our cities to rubble, but he’s dealing with you even worse. He destroys you slowly, while he painfully but smoothly deprives you of your tongues and your hands. If you do not stop him, you are just waiting for a slow rot and a civil war. Remember the history. You can be certain that the world will not help you to resolve your conflicts. You will be left to die! Do not let this happen! Speak ! Reveal the truth. Encourage people not to tolerate this ”- was the bloggers’ message.

They stressed that while Putin is bombing Ukraine, Russia will be isolated from the world. Now it’s time to act. The bloggers concluded: “Stop being silent!”

An answer has come to this.

Russian blogger and TV presenter Viktoria Bonya decided on the eighth day of the war to apologize to the Ukrainians for what is happening now. On her Instagram account, she has posted blue-yellow photos and written:

“I want to apologize. With all my heart. Forgive me”.

Nastya Ivleyeva has also joined forces with Bonya, who has called on President Vladimir Putin to stop the war:

We have witnessed a real catastrophe. People are dying in Ukraine, cities are being destroyed, our soldiers are dying, many of whom are quite young, there is an information war going on, in which we, ordinary people, curse, threaten and hate each other. In connection with this, I would now like to turn to the leadership of our country. I urge you to make the second round of negotiations in a way that ends the acts of war, I urge you to agree, I urge you to enter into the compromises that put an end to the killing of people. I call for a conclusion “,

wrote the host of “Heads and Tails” (Орла и Решки).

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