Will there be war ?

“The biggest war in Europe since 1945”, according to Boris Johnson.

The question imho has to do with how fast everything went in the early 90s. There were solemn verbal assurances from Western leaders that NATO would not expand. But when everything ended up on paper, there were no such assurances, only recorded talks.

This has been going on for a long time. We are reminded about the security conference in Munich in 2007, when Putin spoke out in front of the United States and the West, and sounded a bit like in “the good old days”. Although those days were not so good.
Russia has not participated in the security conference in Munich this weekend.

The Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, has a worldwide commitment and a high level of ambition, judging by her announcement on Telegram (in translation – here) the other day. However, it is all too clear that the Marxist-Leninist conceptual apparatus is pathetically missing in her scourging of the West.

Maria Zakharova

The settlement with the Soviet Union and communism should have gone further at an early stage. And the capitalist world should not – after all the devastation – have been so concentrated on opening new markets, but instead focusing on rehabilitation or, as the law of Moses puts it – the Sabbath.

In the full sense of that concept

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