Not to release the Mueller report would be a betrayal against God!

At least that is the impression I get when I put the contents of two articles in the morning’s news against each other.

One is the Democratic Presidential candidate and California-based Senator Kamala Harris, whose statement is highlighted by Breitbart:

Kamala Harris: Trump Has ‘Relied on Vladimir Putin’ over Intel Community

“...I believe there is no question, however, that the president has relied on Vladimir Putin over the men and women who have sacrificed in many cases or willing to sacrifice their lives – they are the intelligence community of the United States – to give the president information that he should believe, and upon which he should base his priorities around who our friends and who are not ... “

Another is the New York Times articlePutin’s One Weapon: The ‘Intelligence State’

  “So, to best prepare for future Russian assaults, we should look to the past and study the mind-set of the Cold War K.G.B. — the intelligence service in which President Putin spent his formative years. The history of the brutal Soviet security services lays bare the roots of Russia’s current use of political arrests, subversion, disinformation, assassination, espionage and the weaponization of lies. None of those tactics is new to the Kremlin. 

In fact, those tactics made Soviet Russia the world’s first “intelligence state,” and they also distinguished it from authoritarian states run by militaries. Today’s Russia has become even more of an intelligence state after Mr. Putin’s almost 20-year tenure as its strongman

How can it then be discussed at all whether the Mueller report should be published,
or not

(The Attorney General William Barr: “I don’t know at the end of the day what will be releasable,” Barr told the US Senate during his January confirmation hearing. “I am going to make as much information available as I can consistent with the rules and regulations“)


In the light of the above, it might not just be a betrayal of American citizens, but of humanity, if not against God himself.

Yesterday a memorial march was held for Boris Nemtsov in Moscow.

About him, Sergey Dorenko writes in Echo Moskvy: “Villainy interrupted the way of Boris“.