A few questions around the assassination of the Swedish Prime minister in february 1986

After viewing “Uppdrag granskning” (= Investigate Mission) – this evening’s broadcast on swedish television, which is already posted on Svt website:

 The question if the Palme assassination in reality was not a political murder, could better be taken into account from a certain point of view: What had happened if Palme had not been shot to death?

    In the mid-1980s: Major political changes were in progress.
    An example: How would Palme have come to terms with Gorbachev? Wasn’t there obvious prerequisites that the REVISIONIST ORIENTED Gorbachev and the REVISIONIST Palme – in the area of socialist thinking – could find a common, political language.

Palme o Gorby x

   What could it mean? Perhaps the Soviet Union didn’t have to dissolve.

The assassination on the street in Stockholm, in the late evening of  February 28, 1986, took place only a few weeks before Mr. Palme’s planned visit in Moscow.
      If some had wanted to get rid of Palme for that reason that he could be a brake pad for desired consequences of Gorbachev’s reforms – which began to get certain proportions, maybe not for all, but for those who were better informed – such groups could exist in both east and west. The goal: to quickly access the large market that was locked on the other side of the iron curtain !
Isn’t it the very consequences of that market, suddenly and boldly “opening up”, that led to such fatal consequences, with numerous contradictory features nowadays, all the way into the White House in the United States?

      Palme might not have been able to prevent the collapse of the Soviet Union, but could have helped to make the transition from a planned economy to a market economy more smoothly and not as devastating as it actually became for many.

OK, these were some own, bad thoughts from a person who does not have the main task of politics. But back to the first question:


What had happened if Palme had not been shot to death?




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