Putin’s name abandon “proletarian” styled banners, and appear in Church reports ..?

Anyway – no slogans with Mr. Putin’s name mentioned occurs during the 1:st of May in Ekaterinburg – according to e1 : “… this year, there were no red banners with ‘Peace! Work! Putin!’ on, which was among the most prominent last year. “

Another indication that Mr. Putin is approaching orthodoxy? Which sometimes seems to be the case.

Putin i Kristus Frälsarens katedral
Putin in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow , Saturday night

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov  in a recently published interview for the swedish daily  “Dagens Nyheter” :

“- If the West’s approach to human rights develops into plain promiscuity, they disregard the fact that it is contrary to the fundamental basics of our culture, which is based on orthodox religion – Christianity.”

And when Putin  made critical remarks against Lenin in January this year, he, according to yoki.ru , added an explanation :
I was, like millions of other Soviet citizens, member of CPSU. I was not the only member of the Communist Party, but also worked in the KGB. I can recall that in Soviet times when someone was expelled from the Communist Party he also was dismissed by KGB. I say quite honestly that I was not just a formal member of the Communist party, and I was not an idealistic Communist (unlike many officials I was a regular member of the Communist party), but my approach to it was very cautious. I have never thrown away the party membership card, I never burned it, it is still there in my home

I have appreciated and appreciate even today the communist and socialist ideas. If we consider the ‘law of building communism’, it reminds a lot about the Bible. There are very good ideas – equality, brotherhood, happiness. But the practice is far from what the socialist utopians arrived at. You simply must agree, there was no ‘paradise’! “said Vladimir Putin.

We remember very well how all accused the tsarist family of repression. But what started the Soviet power? Repression in a mass scale ! A telling example is precisely the liquidation of the imperial family and their children. Of course, someone objects that they must eliminate any possible reaction from the heirs. But why did they kill Botkin ? Why did they kill one of the servants, who himself was ‘from the proletariat’? Well, to conceal the crime .. ” said the president.

Or, another thing. In the Soviet Union they violently fought against people who fought against the Soviet authorities with weapons in their hands. But why kill the priests? If you study the historical material, you may learn about tens of thousands who were killed – at Don they shoved the priests down ‘under the ice’ .. “said the president.


Noteworthy ..?

The 1:st of May this year that coincided with the Orthodox Easter, so yesterday it was simultaneously Easter – orthodoxy’s largest feast with many exclamations that “Christ is risen!” – AND International Workers’ Day, but not with so many slogans about Putin  as usual –