Moscow Pentecostal Union deliver Sunday Adelaja unto the devil

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Another downfall ? 

Pastor Sunday has sinned. It is said.

  No, it is this time not for financial swindle in and around the “King’s Capital” which has already been in a legal process for over seven years, and I sometimes have tried to shed light on this ..(not on this one so much, but on my swedish).. blog.

  According to various data that have been published in the media, and that partly falls back on the Moscow-based Pentecostal Union (ROScHVE) whose leader is Sergey Rjazhovsky, cries for help have been heard from within the Church “God’s Embassy”in Kiev : Adelaja has abused his power over women in “God’s Embassy”, had extramarital relationships, sometimes compelled women to sex, and has therefore admitted  “at a gathering of pastors and elders …  that he for quite a period lived in the sin of fornication, and he repented before those present.”



This was as late as March 23.

In brief: Rjazhovsky March 21 turned to Adelajas mentor  in a letter . The mentor is the US settled ‘apostle’ Toff, “..the only one who Adelaja recognizes as having authority over him.”  He informed about the alarming situation, and appealed to Toff to intervene, and he hinted that he was a little disturbed by that this was not the closest ROScHVE’s affair, since the matter took place at the “..territory of another State”.

Toff stepped into the situation quite resolutely. This led among other things to the aforementioned gathering of pastors and elders, were Adelaja confessed. Toff also have sent a letter to all the leaders in the “Embassy” and laid down a series of conditions. Among other things, “.. Adelaja was stripped of his spiritual ministry-title,  and should leave all his assignements.” Not even gatherings in Adelajas home should henceforth be allowed.

Christian publications did caught words about what Adelaja was expected to do in connection with the initial meeting of “God’s Embassy’s” annual conference – the 22nd in succession – March 31 in Kiev. He should openly acknowledge before the whole Conference , what he previously only confessed before pastors and elders.

The rather harsh and straight language used in this affair by Rjazhovsky, and by Adelajas own mentor, Toff, however, is really absent at the “Embassy’s” own website. However, no denials are made. And on the website are clear allusions on the matter – Adelaja has written something about “learning from the mistakes of others,” and a female employee recalls that also the best of people may fall, she writes about Noah’s drunkenness in Genesis 9, and warns about behaving as Ham did. 

Adelaja also posted a video clip that is above all a welcome to the conference, where he admittedly says that it may be his last conference, but otherwise sounds as if he is going to be in full action this possibly last conference, along with other speakers.

Words back and forth about what the “initial meeting” on Thursday should really mean.

 Toff In his letter to the leaders stated that Adelaja on the 31/3 should limit himself to “say goodbye“. He “ not in the position that he should react to things, whether that of the Church or of the ministry, because he is in a rehabilitation phase.

Now, on the initial meeting, Adelaja didn’t only did not “say goodbye”, neither did he confess anything in public, no, nothing of that kind that he had confessed earlier, before pastors and elders, neither did he leave his ministry, his tasks in the Church. He said he plan to leave in the near future, according to what he think is God’s plan for him.

Ukrainian daily “Segodnya ” wrote about it:

“Details about the scandal with Pastor Adelaja: INSTEAD OF CONVERSION – LAUGHING, SINGING AND FUNDRAISING ..

… Thursday, March 31, the day of the beginning of the ‘Embassy’ 22th annual conference in Kiev, should Adelaja confess and repent before the Conference Assembly. Nothing of that sort occurred, – ‘Segodnya’s’ employees could convince themselves about the matter, after having gone to the ceremony. Sunday Adelaja was merry, laughed a lot, and mentioned only about how the Ukrainian authorities, probably intentionally, had called him to appear at a trial the same day (a criminal case is brought against him in Ukraine according 190th § 4th point ‘Fraud in unusually rough scale’, which can lead to 12 years in prison and confiscation of property – -) … etc. “


Adelaja in full swing friday night. He should have taken advantage of his mentor’s advice, according to ROScHVE, and just say goodbye to his congregation on thursday 31/4, and submit all assignments. But on the evening of 30/4, he reportedly said that he felt his mentor ill-adviced him this time. 

Moscow’s Pentecostal Union – ROScHVE – has taken its decision. A letter was sent first and foremost to all those who have responsibility within ROScHVE, and was posted on their website.

“… We grieve deeply and sincerely over Sunday Adelaja’s spiritual and moral downfall. Although we quite a while ago noticed the warning signs in this man’s life and activities, which we also told him personally, and then published about it in the Union’s official statements, but to the last , we did not believe the whim of serious sins that occurred in his life. And only when the evidence became irrefutable, we turned March 21 in a letter to Dr Toff Ulysses …”

  And they delivered him unto the devil, according to the apostle Paul’s teaching in 1 Cor. 5:4 – 5


  What will happen now ?


(The last day of “God’s Embassy’s” annual Conference in Kiev is today, Sunday 2016 04 03, and it can be followed in english translation on this site )

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  1. Lies lies, lies, jeolosy and envy. Six things the Lord hates 7 is abomination. Sowing discord among bretherns.Proverb 6:16. This Pastor is a huge blessing to humanity. Why are Christians ganging again him. The Lord will intervene and put the enmey to shame. Learn fron unbelievers and love each other rather than judging some things that have no prove. Where are the women he abused
    . Can’t they talk for themselves? Trash.


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