Inconvenient witness?

(source: Meduza )
“Ilim”, a pro-Moscow separatist in Lugansk in eastern Ukraine, was never called as a witness in the trial against the Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko, which yesterday – 22/3 – was on the second day of the Reading of the verdict, the day when also the sentence – 22 years in prison – was pronounced. Yes, she was considered guilty, according to the judges, of acting as coordinator for fire which lead to the death of two Russian journalists on June 17, 2014.

Ilim ..

“Ilim’s” data is completely at odds with the prosecution, but proving wholly or partially in favor of the defense.

He says that it was he and no other who arrested Savchenko in good time before the Russian journalists were shot to death, and that Savchenko was in custody while the shooting took place. He handed her personally to Lugansk separatists commander, Plotnitsky, and inquired later about her, and was told that after a few weeks she had been delivered to Russia. But “Ilim” also says, that she was not “only” a pilot, but that she was really responsible for the artillery.

But, “.. If I had known what should happen, that she would become a national hero, and in addition to that a MP, I would have shot her there on the spot,” says “Ilim”.

Only his testimony, if it is correct, makes the whole indictment to nothing.

In such circumstances she can not possibly be guilty of what she has been accused for – to have caused the Russian journalist’s death, and then illegally entered into Russia.

A wide array of international press and diplomats were present in Rostov – on – Don to follow the last days of the spectacular trial. Council of Europe in Strasbourg was out early and criticized the Kremlin for the matter with Nadezhda Savchenko, and how she was treated in Russia. They have repeatedly called for the immediate release of the “ukrainian pilot” .



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