“Only Adelaja was missing …”

A month ago was published an article (with a certain sting that perhaps is not so easy to perceive for a sluggish Scandinavian mind as mine) on the russian-speaking side of a ukrainian publication, where the ongoing pursuit of political power, wealth and fame in the ukrainian capital Kiev is described, and a number of people who apparently intends to “..follow in the footsteps of Chernovetsky“, are mentioned in a bantering tone. But, is it stated, “..in this completely absurd ‘star-gallery’ is missing only the pastor of ‘God’s Embassy‘, Sunday Adelaja … ”


It depicts NOT Adelaja, but a Nigerian believer in Nigeria. What it concerns Adelaja, he is not allowed to leave Ukraine, since January 2009.


Adelaja did not materialize this time! What can be the reason? When I started to write my “russian-oriented” blog in the swedish language a few years ago, I thought it came in handy, if nothing else as a mere curiosity, to try to follow one in Ukraine already infamous, utterly medial and speculative Nigerian mega pastor – Sunday Adelaja . For various reasons, which might not be so difficult to understand, I have since two years barely had a single post about “the case against Adelaja” except from the 36 posts  I wrote on the theme between 2009 and 2013. Actually I do not think he is really the right person to call peoples attention to, when I, occasionally, have continued to blog about other events, also in Ukraine, precisely during the time when the conflict between Russia and Ukraine escalated.

But the legal processes – extremely tough and lengthy – against players in the Finance Company “Kings Capital” rolls on in the background . The courts are still working ( in fact since september 2011) to sort out issues relating to both the investments made ​​into “Kings Capital” in ukrainian or foreign currency, and also relating to how many people were actually drawn into the fraudulent financial scandal, and in which way these were affected by the crash in 2008, and ultimately: what responsibility should be accorded to pastor Sunday who – which is a major accusation against him – urged the Congregation  from the platform to make investments in “Kings Capital” !

Some people in Ukraine would probably not agree with me that Adelaja is completely irrelevant in the greater conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which have adopted the form of a civil war, but which hopefully is being stalled. At least one blogger has identified some of Adelajas employees as very active supporters as well of the former, deposed ukrainian president Yanukovych, as of pro-russian separatists in the Donbass area.

The media coverage, when and if it occurs in these serious times, in ukrainian, russian-language media , however, rarely, or never, becomes anything more than a ridiculous parade of clichés about the “black pastor”. One more or less bizarre exception to that rule might be an interview with Adelaja in a couple of English-language publications (in english-language media there is very little material on this theme) some time ago, where the latter speaks out about the spiritual situation in his homeland Nigeria:

….Adelaja, who left Nigeria in 1986 to study journalism in Eastern Europe, said he was not referring to any particular church or ministry, but that overall Nigeria has a corrupt value system that has been promoted by its religious beliefs and practices.

‘In Nigeria, the authority of the religious institutions is much higher than the authority of the educational system,’ Adelaja said in the interview. ‘So, most of our value system is influenced by faith and religion. That is why I am saying it is the faulty and corrupt messages we have introduced to our pulpits that is responsible for producing corrupt practices in our society.’ ”

But then who can take him seriously?