“Soldiers mothers of S:t Peterburg” quickly became “foreign agent”.

The russian ministry of justice have entered the rights-activist organization “Soldiers mothers of S:t Petersburg” in a register over non-commercial organizations which are judged to be “foreign agents”. RIA-Novosti announce about it with links to the ministry.
The Russian Ministry of Justice
“..in the register -…- have been entered reports about the fund ‘Institute for the development of free information’ and about the regional  rights-activist organization in S:t Petersburg ‘Soldiers mothers of S:t Petersburg’, on the basis of representations made by the Prosecutor in S:t Petersburg“, – it is said in a message.
As is known the Committee for Soldiers Mothers recently  informed actively about the russian soldiers that are fallen or wounded in Ukraine.
According to their information there are about 15 000 russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine, and there are details about 400 fallen or wounded.
(the above according to Ukrainian Pravda , which quotes russian media)


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