Facebook win – and lose ?

Facebook earning was beating expectations” – congratulation Mr. Zuckerberg ! /BBC, Time 

But isn’t  it a big question if Facebook and other IT-companies will not lose the russian public while sanctions are applied by the western powers, against Russia?

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Facebook drowning in the Black Sea? No, for heaven’s sake !

Not long ago representatives for both Twitter and Facebook – Twitter first  –  visited Moscow to speak with representatives for “Roscomnadzor”, that is to say the russian Board that  watches over electronic communications.

The Facebook delegation that later visited Russia “didn’t want  information about their meeting with ‘Roscomnadzor’ to become public”.

Izvestiya, nevertheless, made it public. In Russia.

New laws have recently  been written and adopted there, which might have inspired the deputy director of “Roscomnadzor”  to give the harsh message, that the Board he represents “.. tomorrow, within a few minutes, can block Facebook and Twitter in Russia“.

Also a part of Mr. Putins cherished “strategic balance” in the world ?