World War Web?

Former hacker thinks that key-responsibilities behind the Internet should remain with the people who created it:

“..proposals being agreed at the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) will be unworkable. That is because the Dubai conference has overplayed the involvement of governments and excluded the people who actually built the internet, says Mr Moss. ‘It is leaving out the people who do the internet,’ he said. ‘Over 90 per cent of the internet is owned by individuals and companies, not by governments…’ ” ( See link)

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There are more articles , for example here :

As part of the event, international diplomatic representatives have come together to help update the agency’s International Telecommunications Regulations. This is a treaty that was last agreed at the World Administrative Telegraph and Telephone Conference in Melbourne in 1988. Things have moved along quite a bit since then, like the Internet going mainstream, yet there have been no updates to the treaty’s provisions since then. (Click here for more on the treaty.)

So, roughly speaking, the Conference in Dubai talks out from an agreement that was reached in a cold-war context, about an Internet that didn’t even exist in those days!? I guess, after having read through some reports, that the discussions  will not be easy.

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