Almost only terrible news, wherever you look. What if we look at, or dream about,  something not so bad. Something more ..positive. Like strawberries !

Strawberry fields

It reminds me about an old Beatles song. But with such a floating text… I tried to manage it with only one flute.

Is there any hope?





Ironically, the place where the highest death rates were counted was Bataclan, a concert hall, where the “Eagles of Death Metal” appeared. This name doesn’t need to be translated into english. Well, the “Death Metal Eagles” arrived. Not those who handled the musical instruments only (whoever they were), but those who held the Kalashnikov’s – undisputed death metal – and shouted “Allah Akbar!”

Death Metal

But how sad and lamentable that such bloody and grisly deeds be undertaken while people exclaims “God is great!”. Which is what “Allah Akbar” is said to mean.

I look in the Qur’an, and finds that it sometimes speaks of the Creator with equally impressive words as the Bible. Muslims faith in the Creator is in some respects at least as beautifully worded, as my Christian faith is.

But their faith in the Redeemer and Savior is not formulated at all. And this if something is tragic, because the apostle taught that: “Whoever denies the Son has not the Father. He who confesses the Son has the Father also.” (1 Jn. 2:23)
Yes, “Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? It is the Antichrist who denies the Father and the Son” (1 Jn. 2:22)

Maybe not so beautiful in Qur’an-faithful Muslim ears. But true.

How ever impressive the words are which we use to express that we believe in a creator, the truth is the opposite, if we deny Jesus, the Son of God.

Something that militant Islamists definitely do, in word and deed.



A month ago was published an article (with a certain sting that perhaps is not so easy to perceive for a sluggish Scandinavian mind as mine) on the russian-speaking side of a ukrainian publication, where the ongoing pursuit of political power, wealth and fame in the ukrainian capital Kiev is described, and a number of people who apparently intends to “..follow in the footsteps of Chernovetsky“, are mentioned in a bantering tone. But, is it stated, “ this completely absurd ‘star-gallery’ is missing only the pastor of ‘God’s Embassy‘, Sunday Adelaja … ”


It depicts NOT Adelaja, but a Nigerian believer in Nigeria. What it concerns Adelaja, he is not allowed to leave Ukraine, since January 2009.


Adelaja did not materialize this time! What can be the reason? When I started to write my “russian-oriented” blog in the swedish language a few years ago, I thought it came in handy, if nothing else as a mere curiosity, to try to follow one in Ukraine already infamous, utterly medial and speculative Nigerian mega pastor – Sunday Adelaja . For various reasons, which might not be so difficult to understand, I have since two years barely had a single post about “the case against Adelaja” except from the 36 posts  I wrote on the theme between 2009 and 2013. Actually I do not think he is really the right person to call peoples attention to, when I, occasionally, have continued to blog about other events, also in Ukraine, precisely during the time when the conflict between Russia and Ukraine escalated.

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The tragic school shooting incidence in Trollhättan, Sweden,  draws attention worldwide. Both in English -, French – and Russian – (not to mention swedish -) language media, for example, is the conclusion with few difficulties drawn,  that the perpetrator had the inspiration from, among other sources, the “Star Wars”-figure Darth Vader. I must admit that I am  personally quite unfamiliar with that figure.

Darth Vader xxx


I just took some impressions of a photo-presentation like the one above. Why is formed such an ideal? Is there any reason for some reflection about it? It seems obvious that there is a need for a certain type of leader. A Warrior King with cosmic dimensions? A “Christian” Führer, or a Caliph? The prophet Ezekiel writes about how it should occur such kind of a “hero”. A great religious leader and a military chief by the name of “Gog” (Ezekiel ch. 38-39), who attack peaceful people, because he is disturbed by –  their safety (Chap. 38:11).

Why are people safe? If they are. Is it a reason for sudden knife attacks and other acts of violence, that people are misguided in their safety and security? It may be appropriate to analyze the security, ones own security, and check whether it is genuine or fake. It can in no way be real, if we use it to put us above others and tease them.

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